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These are some of the other kits we offer to our clients, in an effort to allow everyone to live and continue to live happy, productive, and successful lives, for centuries to come.


The Karma Repair Kit $14.95
Donít Pay for the sins of previous lives today.  Repair your Karma now so you can enjoy a happy, successful and balanced life.  (one kit per previous  life).
(Discounts available for kits for several lives, if purchased at the same time)
The Karma Repair Kit - Basic Edition $  9.95
This is very similar to the regular version except it is not as potent.  (one kit per previous  life).
The Karma Protection Kit  $12.95
Protect your future lives from your current sins and transgressions.
Karmatically Changing your Mate $14.95
Canít understand your mate?  Try a Karma repair kit, and perhaps they might not be as annoying, irritating, or self-defeating.
The Expectant Karma Repair Kit $12.95
Your unborn child may have been Attila the Hun.  He or she may also have been Mother Teresa.  With the Expectant Karma Repair kit you can help your child by repairing his or her Karma to avoid the unfairness of everyday existence in this life.  Please note: the Karma repair kit does not harm perfect Karmas.
Repairing The Karma of Others $14.95
Work with Jerks?  Canít understand why your boss is making THAT decision?  Could be Karma.  Why donít you help them out, and help yourself at the same time? For friends, bosses, co-workers, IRS employees, etc.
(Please note, we are not able to offer a Karma Repair kit for lawyers, as the shipping costs on
            such a large box is too much for anyone to buy, and weíre not convinced they can be saved.)
Your Parents $NA
Could be they were assholes, too.  We do not currently offer a Parent Karma Repair Kit, since it doesnít affect you at this point, and you might just want to let them suffer for their past sins, an current ones, for all eternity.  (If you feel this way, though, you might want to pick up an extra Karma Protection Kit for yourself.)


 Prices do not include shipping and handling, or taxes.

Karma Repair Kit

NOTE:  These kits are for entertainment purposes only.  If after using them life isnít fair, please try another kit, as each kit only works for ONE previous life.  You might have been a jerk throughout all eternity!  Or your Karma may be so far-gone that we cannot help you at this point.

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