Ever wondered why things donít work out for you?

Ever said, "Shit, this just isnít fair?"

 Ever wondered why nice guys finish last? 


Well, join the club.  Weíve all said that and been there. But guess what,
it probably
IS your fault things donít work out the way you want.

  • Weíre not saying youíre not a good person, or are fulfilling a self-defeating prophecy. 

  • No, weíre not going to mutter a word of those enlightening infomercial-selling pieces telling you to become better motivated or learn the art of success, or how to allow yourself to enjoy success.

  • No, itís probably your fault because of things you did in a previous life.  Itís burnt Karma.


Itís the perfect explanation for modern day life.  You can blame yourself and still not take responsibility, because really, there was nothing you could do about it.  Chances are you were probably a horrible person in a former life, did some miserable rotten things, and the purpose of this life is to suffer for those sins.  See, itís not really your fault, itís a former incarnation of you that was the jerk.  So why should you be miserable for it now?

You donít have to be.  Thanks to a new convention of modern technologies and ancient practices, you can enjoy your life.  You just have to repair your Karma. Itís not as difficult as you may think either. 

NOTE:  These kits are for entertainment purposes only.  If after using them life isnít fair, please try another kit, as each kit only works for ONE previous life.  You might have been a jerk throughout all eternity!  Or your Karma may be so far-gone that we cannot help you at this point.